version .3 is up!

It still has a ways to go before 1.0, but it’s a great way to browse your Google Reader feeds on the Nokia 770.
Release Notes are here:

Changes in Release .3 – 1/2/07

  • Thanks to Jonathan Greene, Gregory Auld, keesj (in #maemo on freenode) and fietske (on Google Groups) for feedback/suggestions.
  • Fixed: Mark read/starred/shared buttons no longer stack up.
  • Fixed: Feed List no longer loses items.
  • Fixed: Nokia 770 users can drag scroll the feed contents.
  • Feeds now default to hidden if they are stale (no unread items).
  • New Layout. Handles browser resize (including 770’s full screen mode) wonderfully.
  • Fixed: Buttons are bigger, in general, for touch screen use.
  • Font has changed to Bitstream Vera Sans where supported. Degrades to Arial if not supported.
  • Fixed: When an item is marked read, the unread count for the feed is decremented.
  • Fixed: Feed categories are now alphabetical.
  • Fixed: Action words now, for feed item buttons (star,share,read).
  • Lots of divs have been set up with classes and ids in preparation for beautification.
  • Release Notes and Known Issues appear when the application is launched.

Changes in Release .2 – 12/??/07

  • Fixed: Items now link back to their original articles.
  • Feed List and Feed Contents are in their own independantly scrolling areas.
  • Fixed: Feed Contents area resets to the top when a new feed is opened.
  • Demo account set up. Use / x to login.
  • Fixed: Page Reload/Refresh now works as expected.
  • Mark Read, Share, Add Star buttons added for each item.
  • Red/Grey dots in the header show active AJAX connections.


  • Mark All as Read button for the current feed.
  • Mark All as Read button next to each feed in the feed list. inspiration
  • Bug: Read, Starred, Shared buttons do not work in reverse to mark an item as unread, unshared, not starred.
  • Next/Prev buttons.
  • Add a FAQ Page, including info about the API (mention Niall) also: authentication, goals, contact, other apps,.
  • Subscribe to feed button / dialog.
  • Bug: Deal with auth and command token timeouts.
  • Bug: AJAX requests don’t start the internet connection on the 770. Pop a dialog or put a request in an iframe.
  • Bug: Image handling in Opera on the 770 might leak. After browsing several feeds with lots of images, images stop showing up. Workaround: refresh the browser. Solution: Find a way to clean up the images.
  • Option to view unread items only.
  • Next/Prev Page buttons.
  • Override the cursor keys for next/prev hotkeys?
  • River view for categories.
  • UI is not clean enough.
  • Add Icons to feed item buttons (star,share,read/unread).
  • Feed List should be drag-scrollable on the 770.
  • Browser compatability warnings. Pop a dialog if AJAX fails.
  • Add a Favicon.
  • Incorporate some of the great ‘reading feeds on a touchscreen’ discussion points at this post (where’d that link go?).
  • HTTPS login.
  • “Blog This” button.
  • “ This” button.
  • Tag functionality.
  • Degraded mode for browsers that can’t handle dojo and ajax.
  • Gregarius backend – no reason that ReaderMini shouldn’t integrate with other Aggregator software.
  • Sliding feed list so more real estate goes to feeds.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for non touch screen browsers (Sony Mylo)
  • Outlook preview pane theme.
  • Theme support.
  • Get rid of “author unknown” text in some feeds.
  • Show user email address.
  • Optimize the updating of feed unread counters.
  • Set the feed list to have overflow horizontally hidden rather than wrapping. Do a mouseover for the number of unread.
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