Ari Jaaksi Answers Some Nokia N800 / 770 Questions!

On his blog, Ari had a lot to say about the N800 launch and what it means for the Internet Tablet line of products.

  • Apps compiled for the N800 will not work on the 770, but the platforms are similar enough that many apps can and will be built for both devices.
  • Nokia will continue to support the dev community on both devices.
  • Internet Tablet OS 2007 will not be back ported to the 770.

The pressure is on from the dev and user community. They want Nokia to make OS 2007 available for the 770. That would be ideal, yes, but I’m not upset. I do hope Nokia sees the community reaction and keeps it in mind when they launch the next device, though. Really, I’m just glad that the platform was successful enough to launch another product.

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