The iPhone – 3 Lies

Yes, the iPhone is awesome. Multi-Touch, beautiful interface/apps, landscape/portrait auto flip – ROCK! However, there are lies (damn lies) abounding about the product and I think it’s best if I correct some of those right now.

Lie #1: It’s a closed system. You can’t run your own code on it. Truth #1: Yeah, right. Our people will set that thing free just DAYS after launch. Homebrew code will run. Period.

Lie #2: It will be EDGE at launch, not UMTS or HSDPA. Truth #2: I think Steve and company are pulling our legs. No WAY is that thing going to be released without something faster than EDGE. Imagine the negative experience people would have when they can’t stream video on their $500 (+2yr contract) phone and a guy with a $100 phone in the next seat is streaming CNN. Too risky to release without at least UMTS. Come on Steve, get real. Kam will back me up on this.

Lie #3: You can only use the phone on Cingular. Truth #3: Almost all phones have unlock scripts. I think we’ll see unlocked iPhones on eBay just weeks after the launch. For $1000.

So, there you have it! The truth about the iPhone. Brought to you by the AMAZING Eric Albert (who, coincidentally, also brought you OSX86)!

Oh, and you know how apple says this is first device to have a full size browser on a phone? Well, check out the N800 if you want the first full size browser that fits in your pocket!!!

Scoble put up his take on the iPhone. He complains about no GPS, cingular-only and no replaceable battery. I’m with him on the cingular thing (especially EDGE only), but I can live without GPS. External battery packs are all over the place for the ipod and that kind of solution is fine with me. That being said, I can see why someone who relies on those two features would be put off. Paul’s comments all have merit, too.

6 responses to “The iPhone – 3 Lies”

  1. Greg says :

    Regarding the third item on this list: I agree that the phone will be unlockable one way or another. However, iPhone-Cingular-specific features (such as Visual Voicemail, and possibly others not detailed yesterday) may not work so easily, if at all.

  2. John Tokash says :

    True! And, Visual Voicemail is pretty damn amazing.

  3. Hans Andersen says :

    Even if it’s nominally a closed system, if it really has a full copy of WebKit, then it’s basically a portable, alway-connected AJAX client. Do your development server-side, and optimize your layout for a small touch-screen.

  4. Paulo Pires says :

    Good to see I’m not the only one disappointed with the iPhone thing. I would like to invite you, Mr. John, to take a look at my two comments on it in my blog and have a comment of yourself.

    N800 is referred too 🙂



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