Almost 1 Month with my PS3

I bought a PS3 after seeing the GDC presentations about Home and LittleBigPlanet. At that point I decided it was only a matter of time.

Cross Media Bar (XMB): I don’t own a PSP, so the PS3 was my first interaction with the XMB. It’s really a great interface construct and I can see how it would be useful even on a PC.

flOw: I think they did a great job bringing the flash game, flOw, to the PS3 as a downloadable game. It’s a great distraction, a hit with the kids, and somewhat challenging the first time through. The mechanic they use for saving your progress is right on, too. Instead of interacting with a menu to choose which level you want to replay, you essentially eat a miniature version of the creature that represents the level you want to play. Neat!

Resistance: Fall of Man: I haven’t played much multi-player, online, but the single player experience is a lot of fun. I played a little Gears of War a few months back and I prefer Resistance. It’s more fun.

MotorStorm: Just got this. Fun and beautiful!

Final Fantasy XII, Shadow of the Colossus: Played a little of these. Great stuff (I never owned a PS2). The backwards compatibility with the PS3 feels MUCH nicer than the XBox 360 – XBox solution.

I’m really excited about Spiderman 3. Spiderman 2 for the XBox is one of my favorite games – my stomach always flutters when I’m swinging through the city – talk about immersion! LittleBigPlanet, too, looks incredible.

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