I stood in line and bought an iphone on day one.

I love it.

Here are the changes I would like:

1. Exchange Push email and calendar sync.

2. A2DP stereo Bluetooth.

3. “Open link in new window” function in Safari.

4. Bluetooth watch accessory supporting media controls, alarm/appointment info, callerid.

5. Widget API (offline startup,storage)

6. Cut, copy, paste, undo.

7. Buy music and video from the phone.

8. Wifi sync (especially podcasts).

9. Save youtube videos for offline viewing.

10. Custom ring tones.

One response to “iPhone”

  1. Jefferson says :

    Glad you are supporting the cause.

    For exchange support:


    Regarding the bluetooth watch… I thought the Sony one was kind of bulky and ugly. I would rather have caller ID appear on your laptop via bluetooth, etc.

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