Seashore for OS X

I spent some time this morning trying various free and inexpensive OS X image editors. I tried the GIMP, but it lagged a lot and then crashed. I tried ImageWell (which seems great), but it didn’t have the kind of selection tool I wanted. I tried Live Quartz and enjoyed it, but it also did not have the selection tool I was looking for.

Finally, I tried Seashore. Seashore is a custom build of the GIMP with a Cocoa front end and a smaller set of functionality. It had the selection tool I was looking for and works great!

Using Seashore, I made a silhouette of Doctor Who’s TARDIS for my blog header.

2 responses to “Seashore for OS X”

  1. Edwin says :

    There are times when a simple task is more efficiently handled by Seashore. Using a more sophisticated app can feel like peeling an orange with a battle axe.

  2. GALLO says :

    I’m impressed with SeaShore. But I suppose the Doctor uses OS X!

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