Intuit and Homestead

At Homestead, we’ve been working with Intuit for years in various capacities. We share a lot of the same values and there is a lot of overlap between our customers. Both of us count small businesses as critical to our success and we’d like to think that those businesses can find success using our products.

Today, we announced that Intuit is buying Homestead. This relationship is really something special. To understand how special, read Justin’s (Homestead’s CEO) post on the subject, specifically these lines:

A suitable acquiring company for Homestead has to be a place that we all can feel as strongly about as we do about Homestead. It has to have a set of core values that matches the Homestead Creed. It has to have a hiring policy similar to our “no jerks, no idiots” rule. It has to believe in giving back to the community. It really helps if we can keep our brand, our offices, our wacky traditions, our identity. And we absolutely have to keep all of our people, and be able to maintain the sense of ownership and pride that we all feel today.

I’m happy to report that Intuit passed all of these tests with flying colors.

We will continue to be Homestead (great products, customer focused, quick release cycles, killer talent, quirky culture) while having the support of a large company that shares our values and motivations and has resources we’ve only been able to dream of.

On a personal note: I’ve been working with several Intuit team members on and off over the past several months and they are great people, passionate about their customers! Here’s to a healthy future together!

More commentary: Thai (my boss), Gordon, Andrew, and others.

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