iPhone Application WishList

Without background sync capabilities in 3rd Party apps, some of these aren’t likely going to be available in the near future and some others may only be possible as Apple-built apps. Still, here are 10 iPhone apps I’d love to see.

1. Podcast downloader (using Wifi and 3G) with background sync.

2. Native Google Reader client with background sync.

3. Twitter reader with background sync and read/unread functionality.

4. Save YouTube videos for later, non-streamed, viewing (so Charlie can watch cartoon clips and ColdPlay videos).

5. “Back to My Mac” Screen Sharing.

6. Remote Desktop (for Windows PCs).

7. Multi-Protocol (AIM, GoogleTalk, Jabber, etc) Instant Messaging Client which runs in the background when not the active application.

8. UPNP video streaming client.

9. Wine ratings / search.

10. Better Photo-emails. The ability to send multiple photos in one email, easily, would be great!

6 responses to “iPhone Application WishList”

  1. Valto says :

    I would add a 3g to wifi router, making iPhone a personal modile hotspot for other wifi enabled devices.

    Also I have done a concept drawing of mobile extender – see http://www.pimpmyumpc.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=60&Itemid=9

    There\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s also a video from that concept.

  2. Jonathan Greene says :

    Good luck with these … I am not sure we are going to see so much on the local sync / offline front given the iPhone’s web centric approach to things

  3. Jefferson says :

    Terminal client app! I want to be able to SSH from my iPhone.

  4. Markus says :

    I think Number 7 is impossible on the app-store. If I remember correctly, apple wont allow background applications for security purposes. It should be possible on jailbroken iPhones.

    One possible way around this may be an online system that keeps you signed in on some other computer, that pushes “new message” badges to the inactive chat client’s icon. Once you activate the chat client, it could download new messages.

  5. Ken Cutts says :

    I want to share these ideas that are a little out of the ordinary:


    -CPR Instructions with timing and alerts

    -Emergency/Survival guides

    -Real-life RBG photo color picker (for paints, fabrics, etc…)

    -Pocket Project Manager with preloaded sample projects

    -Dinner wine pairing

    -Printing via Wifi/networks


    -MusicNotes mobile player that scrolls sheet music

    -eCard sender

    -Translator with pronunciation

    August 22, 2008

    listed by: kencutts.com

  6. Howard says :

    If your looking for a UPnP client, check out PlugPlayer; version 1.1.0 will include video support.

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