Twitter Updates for 2008-08-10

  • Reading about grilling Porterhouse. The discussion following this recipe is awesome: #
  • I wonder why Twitter Tools only posted one of yesterday’s tweets to my blog. #
  • Grilled Porterhouse steaks. Went extremely well. Family stuffed. Eating Pocky now. #
  • On the Twitter Tools issue I mentioned: I checked the WordPress DB and the tweets are stored there. Maybe it will ‘catch up’ tonight. #
  • Cool! Color your car with a tape that protects your paint job and lasts for 4 years. #
  • RSS Bandit can synchronize with NewsGator or Google Reader. I wonder if that code could be repurposed to sync NewsGator with Google Reader. #
  • Maybe there will be an XBox phone soon. Pro: Chat/highscore/multiplayer in the form of XBox Live. Cons: No independent games. Loud fan. #
  • Seriously, there should be XBox Live style functionality built into the iPhone SDK. Maybe in v3? #
  • By the way, Braid for the 360 is an incredible game. #
  • Applied electricbob’s patch to Twitter Tools. Future tweets should be blogged on the correct day. #
  • Reverted electricbob’s patch. Will manually update posts until an official fix is available. #

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