Upgrading the new (late 2008) MacBook

I installed new RAM and a new hard drive in my late 2008 MacBook.

The RAM didn’t work. Based on the responses to my post on the Apple discussion board, the new MacBooks are extremely finicky about their RAM. PC3-8500 DDR3 1066 Mhz may not be the only qualifications required…

The hard drive did/does work. It’s a Western Digital Scorpio Black 7200 RPM 320GB drive. The installation steps in the MacBook owners manual are incomplete, though. You’ll NEED a #0 phillips and a Torx T6.

4 responses to “Upgrading the new (late 2008) MacBook”

  1. seth says :

    has upgrading to a 7200 rpm affected your battery life at all? also what variety (brand) of ram did you buy, i\’m planning of purchasing a new macbook in a couple months or so. i prefer upgrading myself over paying apple to do it.

  2. John Tokash says :

    I didn’t run it long enough with the 5400 to get a sense of the change in battery life.

    The RAM I used was Patriot. In the discussion thread I linked, others have tried OWC and Crucial. Best bet seems to be to use the RAM from Apple.

    They seem to have a good deal (low price with buy back): http://blog.tokash.org/2008/10/29/3rd-party-ram-not-compatible-with-the-late-2008-aluminum-macbooks/

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