Google Mobile App

The new Google Mobile iPhone app is extremely poor at interpreting my voice.

2 responses to “Google Mobile App”

  1. Matt says :

    How are you digging the phone? I just grabbed a 3G, so I’ll probably wait a while.

    Then again, Ruth needs a new phone….

  2. John Tokash says :

    Loving the iphone. Still, some issues:

    1. The browser crashes a lot.

    2. Mail has no search functionality.

    3. No copy/paste.

    4. No video streaming options other than youtube.

    5. Calendar functionality does not have invite others.

    6. I’d like to sync via Wifi

    7. You can’t download podcasts directly to the phone (coming soon)

    8. The screen by screen navigation doesn’t work when you have 70+ apps. It needs to be hierarchical.

    9. Chat doesn’t work in the background. No iChat equiv.

    10. There is no background-download feed reader.

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