My Favorite iPhone Games

Robert Scoble mentioned that there are some great iPhone games that haven’t been ported to Android, yet. I agree – it’s one of the things that keeps me on the iPhone (along with a number of other categories of high quality apps).
Here are my favorite iPhone games (and 2 distractions for the kids):

Sword & Poker (iTunes, official site, video)

Solomon’s Keep (iTunes, official site, video)

Canabalt (iTunes, official site, video, flash version)

Dark Harvest (iTunes, official site, video)

Flight Control (iTunes, official site, video)

Angry Birds (iTunes, official site, video)

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene (iTunes, official site, video)

Helsing’s Fire (iTunes, official site, video)

Talking Carl (iTunes, official site, video)

Bebot (iTunes, official site, video)

2 responses to “My Favorite iPhone Games”

  1. Keith Kerlan says :

    I second Angry Birds! That game is addicting! Canbalt, for me, is okay…but I get tired of it fairly quickly. I suppose many iPhone games tend to be good in specific contexts. There is a pretty simple chain-reaction exploder game called “Rubehouse” which also has a pretty simple premise. It’s great for lulling me to sleep with it’s relaxing music track and visual effects.

    At any rate, have you tried “Fruit Ninja?” That’s one of my favorite casual games.

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