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Naked Conversations – available now in Redwood City, CA

I’ve been pestering the brick and mortar book stores around town, asking for Shel Israel’s and Robert Scoble’s book, Naked Conversations — I’m not a patient man and I don’t want to wait until the 26th for my pre-ordered Amazon copy to arrive. Today, I stopped at the Barnes and Noble in Redwood City, CA and found out they had several copies waiting to be displayed. Snagged one.

If you are also looking for a copy tonight or tomorrow, head over there.

I’m looking forward to really digging in. One really nice ‘feature’ of this book is the online appendix – a clickable list of sites that were mentioned in the book, organized by chapter. Does anyone have an xml reading list for it?

[FYI, I started reading it as a digital e-book(pdf drm) on my Palm TX. It was slow going because the official Adobe Reader for Palm takes a few seconds to go back a page and it won’t do wide-screen mode – 2 issues that really hamper comfortable reading. There is a freeware PalmOS PDF reader-PalmPDF- which is vastly superior to the official app, but it can’t open DRM files.]

Adobe Acrobat Reader for the Palm OS – DRM

OK, so my digital download at Amazon finally went through.  Then, I had to figure out how to get the pdf processed, my palm ‘authorized’, and how to get the file transferred during hotsync.  This was not user friendly.  I almost gave up before I figured out how the process is supposed to work.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download and install Adobe Reader 7.0.5 (you must use the latest version of Reader)
  • Download and install Adobe Reader for PalmOS (or Pocket PC or whatever)
  • Start Adobe Reader for PalmOS and choose to authorize your PDA – a hotsync will be required.
  • Download your PDF.
  • Run Adobe Reader 7.0.5(it should open automatically during the download).
  • Reader 7 will unlock the document for your computer.
  • In Reader 7, choose send to mobile device.
  • Reader for PalmOS will start and will install the document on your PDA.

Now, if only the PalmOS version of Reader would use the full screen 480 x 320 screen, not just 320 x 320.  Ugh.

How many DAYS does it take to receive a DIGITAL E-BOOK from Amazon?

I purchased an ebook last night(pdf) from Amazon. Here I am 24 hours later and the ebook is still not ready for download. My order info says “Open Order — Being Processed”. I used their click-to-call help service twice today to find out why I should have to wait ANY amount of time for a digital download. So far, no luck.


Audiobooks is selling self-playing audiobooks at B&N, Borders and OfficeMax.  The books are single purpose audio players.  No need for a tape/cd/mp3 player.  Neat idea!

Cleartype ebooks for the iPod Video

Someone(maybe me) should make a tool that converts plaintext ebooks to a series of QVGA images. The text should be rendered with cleartype.

Scrolling text in the notes section of the iPod video gives me a headache. I’d rather flip pages.