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Incredible Nintendo DS Homebrew Game

I played No Place to Hide for about an hour today. It has a title screen, 10 well designed mini games and online leaderboards for each game. Though the mini games all have a similar theme (stay alive as long as possible by keeping the hero away from the enemies), they each have a unique look, song and rules. This is easily one of the best games released for the DS this year – and it’s free!!!

Nintendo DS Browser (Opera)

My browser order from Play-Asia arrived today.

The video reviews from Joshua Zimmerman are accurate.  I don’t have much to add, so watch his videos for a more complete look.  Here are my thoughts:


  • The browser renders as well as you would expect if you have done any browsing on a modern PDA or really modern phone.


  • The page loading speed issue he mentions is pretty bad, but those of us who browse from our phones or PDAs already know that we have to pick and choose which sites we visit to avoid frustration.


  • Cookies, HTTP Authentication credentials and History are all forgotten when you turn off the DS.
  • Users cannot move around on the page while the browser is loading images.
  • The interface text is in Japanese, so some options are not readable.
  • You have to carry around the DS Browser card (as with any DS game) AND the memory expansion cartridge for the GBA slot.

Bit Generations – dotStream, Boundish and Dialhex have been reviewed by Famitsu

I’m very excited about dotStream, so these reviews are encouraging.

bit Generations: Dotstream (GBA, Nintendo): 9 / 6 / 7 / 8 – (30/40)

bit Generations: Dialhex (GBA, Nintendo): 7 / 6 / 8 / 6 – (27/40)

bit Generations: Boundish (GBA, Nintendo): 7 / 5 / 7 / 7 – (26/40)

Source: Cubed3

Gameboy Advance Games – Digitylish, Digilux, bit Generations

Nintendo is launching a new series of non-traditional games for the Gameboy Advance soon.  [Update: Minisites for each game.]

Here’s what I know:

I love games that offer really new and unusual gameplay. Nintendo and its allies are the best at it. WarioWare Twisted, Yoshi Touch and Go, Feel the Magic, Pac Pix, etc. Obviously, I’d prefer that these games were all on one cart and had more reasonable prices, but they all look like fun games, so maybe I’ll just have to buy them one at a time. Starting with dotStream.

Opera Browser for the Nintendo DS

This is huge news!  I saw all the links marked “Web Browser for the DS”, but I didn’t notice that Opera is building it!  YES!  LionMarine suggests that it might also require a gba cartridge for a RAM upgrade.

Nintendo’s Revolution – more details

Tomorrow, I’ll have Full Auto for the XBox 360 and that’s going to be incredible.  I’ve been playing the demo several times a week and I’m really looking forward to the full game, especially multiplayer.

Still, Revolution is what I’m really craving.  The DS really showed me that Nintendo can take technology that’s been around for ages (touchscreen + microphone is nothing new for PDAs, for instance) and inspire developers to build really innovative games (Elektroplankton, Nintendogs, Yoshi Touch N’ Go, Kirby’s Canvas Curse).  I’ve never imported games before the DS, but this stuff was so compelling that I imported several great titles, despite the inconvenience.  I think Revolution is going to knock our socks off.  Inexpensively.  More details on the Revolution are emerging.

The Nintendo DS Mini

I just can’t imagine that Nintendo would be stupid enough to release this in the same year as Revolution. A new handheld would be great, especially with all the features of the DS in half the weight/thickness, but such a device would definitely mean fewer Revolution sales.

Unless the DS has some tie-in to the Revolution, beyond what’s already known….

UPDATE: Oops, maybe I should catch up on my reading before posting.  Looks like the DS Lite has been officially announced.   Well, then….