Seven Apps I WISH Existed! [For PalmOS 5]

Here are some apps that I’ve recently searched for(and tested some candidates) but was unable to find. I think they are obvious, but maybe not. What do you think? What are the applications you’ve been searching for?
1. – ClipCopier – I wish there was an app that would let me easily(1 button press) copy the clipboard from my PC to my PDA and vice versa.
2. – Hour Flash – Cuckoo Clock can sound a tone for you every hour, but only if a calendar entry is not blocking the way. I’d prefer an application that flashed the green led on the top of my Tungsten C every hour regardless of what was happening on the screen.
4. – Yellow Pages, White Pages for the 650, 510 and 415 area codes. It can’t be THAT much data. I would gladly clear enough space for a 5MB phone book file(with addresses).
5. – Texas Hold’em Poker Tutor – I’ve tried everything out there and there is still no good, solid Hold’em tutor for Palm OS.
6. – Tabbed web browser with background loading.
7. – Port of the BallDroppings timewaster(this game is fantastic).

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