TUMIKI Fighters

I can’t WAIT to play this game!

TUMUKI Fighters as seen on Penny-Arcade. More games by that author here.

[Edit: This game is amazing. Haven’t been able to get very far into level 2, yet, though.]

2 responses to “TUMIKI Fighters”

  1. spook says :

    rawks huh 🙂

    furthest i’ve gotten is last boss of third level, but only having one ship left i was shot down after some frantic moments of dodging…

    his other games rock too, im addicted to noiz2 and parsec47…

  2. Sarah says :

    What is this “Tumuki fighters” game, anyway? I’m assuming it is relatively new. I was just searching for my character’s name on google, and a whole lot of “Tumuki fighters” …stuff comes up o.o;

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