Gameboy Micro Faceplate Hacking Progress

Drawing power from the EXT port on the back of the micro, I installed a green LED under the faceplate. I also scratched a design into the black faceplate – the paint on the top comes off easily with a pocket knife. The light doesn’t diffuse enough to illuminate the whole design, so I purchased a bunch of tiny surface mount LEDs. They should arrive early next week.

Replacement black faceplates won’t be available until November, so I’m going to try to clean the paint off of another faceplate and paint it black. I should be able to try that on Monday.

Keith Kerlan(thanks Keith!) has been helping a lot with bouncing around ideas and such.

I emailed Nintendo about the mysterious jack and they haven’t been any help, yet. One rep thinks it’s a rivet. 😦

One response to “Gameboy Micro Faceplate Hacking Progress”

  1. joseph sanchez says :

    dude pleaese send me some of ur mod ideas

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