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XBox 360 Demo Unit – quick playtest

I visited the Redwood City GameStop last night to check out the XBox 360 Demo Unit they just set up. Am I still buying an XBox 360? YES. Was I impressed with the graphics? YES. Was it an entirely positive experience? NO.

I played a little of the Kameo demo – very nice effects. Especially the simulation of light refraction when you have translucent green spider blood in your eyes. The controls felt great. A

I also played a little of the King Kong demo. Mixed feelings. There is no HUD. Your score, health, stamina, etc are all tracked offscreen and you never see them(as far as I can tell) – FANTASTIC. But, immersion needs more than hiding the video game staples. The controls are frustrating and don’t feel as responsive as I would like. B-

Also, I loved pressing the guide button. YES YES YES!!! AWESOME. A

Movable Type Upgrade Fallout

Well, there are a few things that still don’t work. I have to reinstall the tags plugin so I can put items in multiple categories. Also, I’m not sure if trackbacks are being autodiscovered – they used to be, but I don’t remember if that was a special setting or a plugin or if it just always worked.

RSS, Atom sometimes don’t cut it. “Feeds” for Digg, tech.memeorandum, tailrank and blogniscient are useless.

There are several sites in my news bookmarks folder that I have to visit rather than just reading their feeds. They have feeds, but the feeds are useless.

Feeds from news rank sites are insufficient because you get a flood of entries without being able to discern which entries are ranked higher. When visiting one of these sites, you’ll see a rank metric or ‘important’ items are highlighted in some other way. The same problem exists with and I guess it’s time for a new XML format and a new aggregation feature. Maybe Dave can help? (see TailRank, digg, tech.memeorandum, blogniscient)


I upgraded to MovableType 3.2. Painless, mostly.

Cool stuff today

The ‘Download Embedded’ Firefox Extension looks fantastic. Of course, it wouldn’t be so necessary if players in Firefox didn’t take up so much CPU.

I finally see why everyone is so excited about TailRank. Just like digg and tech.memeorandum, I guess you just have to see it on a good day to recognize how wonderful it is.
UPDATE: I can’t believe I didn’t mention blogniscient when listing blognewsranking sites.

Well, I preordered the XBox 360 in August, but the shortage noise is overwhelming. If I can’t have it, maybe I’ll buy a BlackDog USB powered Linux server – it’s a little bigger than an iPod Nano. If I do get the XBox, though, I wonder if it can drive this OneMonitorToTwoMonitor convertor….

And, uh, GameCube AT AT mod. Sweet.