Dream Aggregator Features

  • Button: Hide feeds with no unread items.  This would trim the sidebar down to just the feeds that need to be visited.
  • Drag and drop for organizing within categories and folders.
  • One click sticky(like BlogLines Keep New), but hide the items in another tab(like Gregarius).
  • 2 Frame interface(like Bloglines) so I can navigate the list of items without disturbing my place in the list of feeds.
  • Integrated font size slider so I can quickly and easily adjust the display.
  • Online, of course.
  • Integration with my blog (wordpress) and my bookmarks system (del.icio.us) is currently handled with Firefox extensions, and I’m ok with leaving it that way.
  • RSS Feed for items that I mark as sticky.
  • RSS Feed that lists feeds that were subscribed to recently.
  • Inbox: An easy way for people to send me links that they think will interest me.  An rss feed for gmail works fine, I guess, but maybe the Aggregator should have this functionality built in.
  • XML views for all ‘screens’ so when someone builds a cool client side interface for our online aggregators, we’ll be all set.
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