Frames-based theme for the Gregarius(sic) Aggregator

I’m almost done with my Frames-based (well, scrollingdivswithscrolllocationpreservation-based) theme for Gregarius.  sameerd on IRC (Freenode, #gregarius) has been a source of much assistance and encouragement.

The theme works for me as is, but several changes need to happen before it can be committed to svn:

  • The Javascript needs to work in IE (very close).
  • The magic numbers in the layout need to go away.
  • The Gregarius default look and feel css files need to be re-integrated.

I’m done hacking on it tonight.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to put in a few hours tomorrow night to finish it up.

2 responses to “Frames-based theme for the Gregarius(sic) Aggregator”

  1. Sameer says :

    Any progress on your theme?

  2. jtokash says :

    I plan to make the adjustments this weekend.

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