The Bui Blog

Thai Bui, my friend and the co-founder and CTO of Homestead Technologies started blogging again today. Have fun, Thai!

The best part of working at Homestead is the people. The people we work for(our customers) and the people we work with(our partners and fellow employees). Thai is one of my favorite people to work with.

Random Thai facts:

  • Once a year, he organizes and hosts the Homestead Talent show. We’ll have to put some video clips on youtube and google video. It’s really an amazing event. At each show, 10-20 employees from Homestead’s past show up, in addition to all the current employees and their families and friends. Good times!
  • Every other year or so, Thai organizes a scavenger hunt for the developers. It’s a pretty involved problem solving adventure, taking us all over the bay area in teams. It’s like Stanford’s ‘The Game’.
  • There is a Thai-oriented Easter Egg on the main screen of all of our SiteBuilder products(SiteBuilder Lite, SiteBuilder, SiteBuilder Classic(retired) and SiteBuilder Online(retired). Credit for that tradition goes to Michael Bender, who lives on a boat.

Anyway, Thai’s a great guy and I’m looking forward to reading his blog.

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