FeedLounge is getting some well deserved praise. I’m back to Gregarius, though. Having a mobile reader is very important to me. I’ll go one further. The mobile reader for me has to use ghetto ajax so I don’t have to reload the page everytime I flag something or mark an iterm as read.

How does that work? I hacked up a version of kdz13’s mobile theme for Gregarius to do it. Basically, I just swap the src of an img tag to point to a php file that serves up an image. Before it serves up the image, though, it performs any action I requested through the query string. In my case, it marks an item as read. Also, if you want to send any information back to the page, just put it in the set-cookie header before serving up the image.

This text file contains a simple test of that functionality. I realize this will only a few pdas, but that includes mine(the Palm TX), the Treo 600 and the Treo 650.

Keep in mind that, although I started down this path independantly, I definitely wasn’t the first person to use image swapping this way.

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