Other Dinner items

I forgot to mention a few things about the dinner in my last post:

  • It’s great that Jim was excited to talk to this group of passionate technologists about some really sensitive issues, on the record.  The discussions really did get heated at times which was a blast and Jim, Neil, Jason and Linda were engaged the whole time, clearly voicing their opinions.
  • Windows Collaboration was one of the demos.  One of the guys on that team, Hans Anderson, used to work here at Homestead.  I love seeing projects that my friends have been working on, especially in a setting like that.
  • Phillip Torrone signed my Make Magazine Issue 1.  Nice.  Robert was nice enough to give me the heads up that Phillip would be there.  I really admire his work.  Now that I think about it, though, if he doesn’t know that I knew he’d be there, he must think it was wierd that I came with a sharpie and issue 1.  That’s funny stuff!
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