Confirmed: Origami will run Firefox!!!

An Engadget reader pointed out that the html source code for the Origami Project web site says “Origami Project: the Mobile PC running Windows XP“. Not a surprise, but it’s a nice bit of confirmation. Frankly, I don’t really care that it can run XP, what has me excited is that XP can run Firefox, so Origami must be able to run Firefox!!! Gottabemobile is reporting that a teaser site,, created by Intel has a 3/7 deadline (very close to the 3/9 teaser deadline of origamiproject). Engadget thinks Origami/UMPC will be running on a Pentium M and may have integrated EVDO.

Considering that we now know it runs XP, here’s my list of what this thing needs to have if they want me to buy it at launch:

  • Available before May
  • $700 or less
  • 802.11b
  • Bluetooth (to connect to my RAZR and so I can add GPS and a chicklet keyboard later)
  • Integrated EV-DO or a way to add it as an upgrade (PCMCIA?)

What could make me purchase it at a higher price point? Are you listening, Microsoft/Intel/Samsung?

  • CPU/GPU/RAM that can make Origami handle Vista like a champ
  • A coupon for free EV-DO for 3 months
  • EV-DO built in
  • Small, Front-Row style remote control packed in
  • Included Docking Station with a usb hub (keyboard, mouse) and a video out port.
  • Gyro sensors


Photos of Origami and UMPC:

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