My PageRank is wonky and all it’s children currently have a PR of 0. It looks like I’m being penalized. For what, though? Is it just a wierd hiccup at Google? When I looked 2 days ago, most of my pages had a PR of 4 or 5.

Update: I just checked the PR of my old blog ( which 301 redirects to this one. It’s PR is 0, also.

Update: The problem seems to be intermittent.  Sometimes the rank is 3-5 for child pages and sometimes it’s 0.  I’ll chalk it up as a false alarm for now.  🙂

One response to “My PageRank is wonky”

  1. Ed Kohler says :

    The best way to solve most PageRank issues is to disable PageRank on your toolbar. Forget about it for a few weeks, and poof, problem solved.

    Not an ideal solution, but what alternatives do you really have?

    BTW, considering that Yahoo is reporting dozens of inbound links to your site, things are looking pretty darn good. You also have a predicted PageRank of 5 using this tool:

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