Origami Report: Sunday, March 5th 2006

Has OrigamiPortal.com been shut down? Looks like it. CompuGuy1088 says a new, leaked, rendering was published on OrigamiPortal today:

Scoble says he’ll see the Origami on Monday. I wonder what, if anything, he’ll be allowed to post on the visit. Hopefully everything!

Meanwhile, there is a great conversation over at GottaBeMobile. Dennis is asking the big question: What does the Origami you will buy NEED to have?

Steve Payne has a great graph of when applications become possible as Power and Size increase. On the X axis, he has screen size (Phone, PDA, CarryPad, Mini-Notebook). On the Y axis, he has processing power.

Techno-Squirrels is guessing that Origami will be $600, 20GB HD, 7″ screen, 800×480, Bluetooth, Wifi, 512MB RAM.

Finally, I’ve been thinking about the list I published yesterday and I’d like to make some changes:

  • Upgradable to at least 512 of RAM (I can live without 1GB. Vista needs at least 1GB, though, so this would be a sacrifice.)
  • At least 20 GB Hard Drive. 10-15 GB would be ok if it’s all flash. Flash would really help out the battery situation. (My minimum used to be 30GB.)
  • PCMCIA slot or EVDO built in.
  • Touch screen that ignores fingers. Only works with Tablet PC stylus. (I used to think I wanted a screen that worked with fingers, but Paul Watson is absolutely right: “I should be able to rest my hand on it and write, writing on a pda wears your hand and wrist out.” (from comments here)
  • Wifi, Bluetooth
  • I don’t need SVGA out on board or in a dock.
  • I don’t need an Ethernet port.
  • At least one USB port
  • $900 or less
  • I don’t need Gyro sensors, but I think the ROI on adding sensors with the sensitivity of WarioWare Twisted! to every portable computer would be awesome for all kinds of apps.
  • Basic 3d graphics
  • Basic protective case
  • At least 800 pixels in longest edge of the screen
  • Landscape screen
  • Available in March or April
  • Hot-swappable battery packs (Suggested by Dr Murdoch in these comments).

One response to “Origami Report: Sunday, March 5th 2006”

  1. dino says :

    10-15 GB of flash AND $900 or less? Prepare to be disappointed.

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