Evaluating RSS Feeds – How to know when to delete them

According to Richard in the comments to this post:

The next version of Newsgator Outlook Edition (currently in Beta 2) [has a feature called] “Test Drive” [which] allows you to subscribe for x days, then an alert pops up to tell you its expired – either kill the alert, subscribe fully, or another test drive.

This is a feature I’d love to see in FeedLounge and Gregarius.  Although, I’d like these alerts to be in a feed.  In other words, maybe I should have 2 extra feeds in my feed reader.  Important application messages and non-important application messages.  In one of those feeds, my feed reader could post messages with delete/subscribe buttons for each eval feed that has expired.

2 responses to “Evaluating RSS Feeds – How to know when to delete them”

  1. Anthony Timberlake says :

    I do agree, I would love to see this on Feed Lounge, so that you could get rid of some of those feeds that aren’t updated, but yet you may look over them with all the ones that many of us are subscribed too.

  2. Pepino says :


    have you found any way to delete the old feeds?

    TIA Pepino

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