Channel 9 Origami/UMPC Video is UP!

It’s not on, yet, but it is on MSDN. Thanks, Robert, for putting it up early for those of us who don’t want to stay up till 3am!!!

I just watched it. Great stuff. OrigamiPortal has a step by step analysis.

(video is on channel9, now) Though this is just one model and the actual functionality on each model will differ, here are my take-aways:

  • The scaling functionality is cool. The display can be set to emulate large resolutions in case you are using an app whose minimum size is greater than 800×480.
  • DirectX 7 / DirectX 8 level graphics.
  • VGA out on this model, right on the device.
  • Hard Drive size will vary with manufacturer. Some will be 1.8″, some 2.5.
  • Ethernet Jack, Wifi, Bluetooth built in to this one. 2 usb ports as well.
  • Hold button to prevent accidental button or screen tapping.
  • Memory may or may not be user upgradable.
  • Batteries will be easy to swap on the go.
  • Built in picture-frame-style stand.
  • 2 Mics for better quality VOIP.
  • CF slot.
  • Wait for official product announcements for pricing. (he said $599 to $999, probably)

No mention AT ALL of EVDO in the video. It’s clear that the EVDO path for these guys is going to be ‘connect to your phone’. Yuck.

5 responses to “Channel 9 Origami/UMPC Video is UP!”

  1. Brad Murray says :

    It has a CF slot so EVDO can easily be done with that. Those cards are basically free with subscription anyway and you usually have to get them through the carrier anyway.

  2. Steve Paine says :

    Hi John.

    I dont understand your need for EVDO on the box? Of course, it would be nice but do you really want another data carrier subscription or to have to swap sim cards about? As far as i’m concerned, my mobile phone will be my data gateway and it’l always be with me. Data over BT through a phone is simple so why the high priority on it?

    Reasons it might not be on the box:

    EVDO doesnt cover all geographical markets. Europe for example.

    EVDO chipsets are probably expensive!



  3. John Tokash says :


    I think my ideal would be a PCMCIA slot, so I could share a card between my laptop and the Origami. I don’t have an EVDO phone and it may be a long time before I do.

    That said, if a small (think RAZR) EVDO capable phone appears for $100, that could work for me.


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