Kids Programming Language

KPL is a programming language built by Jon Schwartz and others.  KPL is featured in this 45 minute Channel 9 video.

I learned a lot about the language and the programming environment from the video.  Here is some of that information.  Sorry if I got anything wrong.  I didn’t take notes.

KPL Version 1 (currently available)

  • Based on .Net.
  • The IDE is based on Visual Studio.  Lots of Visual Studio functionaliy is available, simplified, including code block collapsing and auto-complete.
  • Sprites, motion and input are easy.
  • Syntax similar to basic.
  • Lots of docs and examples.
  • Thriving community of example submitters.
  • Needs more girl-oriented content.

KPL Version 2 (coming soon, although most of it was shown in the video)

  • Debugging in the IDE (breakpoints, watchpoints, list of all variables in scope and their values).
  • Objects and user defined objects.
  • Distributable EXEs.
  • The KPL libraries will be available to C#, etc and you’ll be able to automatically convert your KPL code to other .Net languages with one click.
  • DirectX wrappers – build 3D apps (a 40 line program was demoed with a spaceship flying around in a textured box.  Watch the video – words don’t do it justice.)  Terrain/character collision is taken care of for you.
  • Build your own modules in any .NET language with an SDK, expose that functionality to KPL.
  • Control an aimable camera over USB.

One response to “Kids Programming Language”

  1. W.L. says :

    A time ago I have came across with Baltie ( ). He’s a small magican for teaching programming not by writing text-code but using images as commands. We have started using it in our school 3 years ago and we have a huge response – (see what my son has done ).

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