Origami Report: Friday Morning, March 10th 2006

Check out the discussion in the comments section of Chris Pratley’s OneNote 2007/UMPC post. Veteran OneNote users are chiming in on how they think the UMPC form factor will handle OneNote. Chris mentions a ‘minimal ui’ mode for OneNote that should definitely help! I asked our resident Tablet PC junky at Homestead, Gordon, and he says the big problem he has with OneNote is that it’s not easy to add indentation and bullets. To me, that sounds like pretty fundamental technology. I hope that’s fixed in OneNote 2007!!

Meanwhile, Lora, in a followup to her Developing for the Ultra-Mobile PC post, pointed to the next steps for UMPC developers, including an emulator and information on the ISV program.

3 responses to “Origami Report: Friday Morning, March 10th 2006”

  1. Chris Pratley says :

    Please tell your friend to use the indent/outdent buttons and the bullet button. Or the Tab/Shift Tab key if typing. That seems pretty obvious so if that’s not the issue feel free to have them contact me.

  2. Gordon McNaughton says :

    What bothers me is that I like to write long laundry lists of items, like Todo lists. Because my mind has been corrupted by outlining tools like PowerPoint and Wiki’s, I write things like this:

    – thing 1

    – thing 2

    – thing A

    – thing B

    – thing 3

    OneNote doesn’t seem to understand that things A and B are actually sub-bullets. The second problem case is when I write a single item that’s so long it requires line wrapping, like so:

    – thing 1

    – thing 2, which is very long

    and may span multiple


    – thing 3

    OneNote doesn’t seem to understand that thing 2 is actually all one bullet point and should be kept as such.

    Also, if I write a list like this and then start inserting or removing text, the dashes do not stay connected to their line items (they are considered “freehand art” and are not attached to the text). After a little editing, the dashes end up in totally the wrong place.

    I like OneNote in general, but I find it hard to take “natural” notes like this for these reasons. I often end up taking notes in Windows Journal instead for this reason, but then I miss the Todo flags. 🙂

  3. Gordon McNaughton says :

    Oops, html got eaten from my previous post. In my first example, the 3rd and 4th lines (things A and B) should be indented under “thing 2”.

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