Origami Report: Thursday Evening, March 9th 2006

OrigamiPortal has a great overview of the Asus, Samsung and Founder devices. I really wish someone would release a definite answer of when these things are going up for presale and when they will ship.

‘WindowsForDevices.com’ has a look at the Via chipset which will appear in the second half of this year in UMPC devices. Meanwhile, they have a comparative look at the UMPC vs the Nokia 770, an issue that’s been bugging some people.

The CNN video (via gottabemobile) shows the new on s

creen radial two thumb keyboard in action. I’ll have to try it before I pass judgement, but it looks like it might not be pleasant to use.

Scoble is being picked on in the comments section of one of his posts. Was Origami over-hyped? Chime in at scobleizer. My opinion is that Origami is deserving of hype being the most affordable small form factor XP device with a touch screen.

MovieLink is partnering with Microsoft and the hardware partners to bundle its broadband movie rental business with the devices. Sounds good to me. Anything that brings the world closer to instant access to all video and audio for a small fee is great in my book.

David Rothman takes a look at everything that’s been said so far about price for the UMPC/Origami devices.

As reported earlier, the Channel 9 video is up. I just love watching/listening to developers and product team members talk about the products they’ve built. Channel 9 will never get boring because it features people talking (with passion) about the things they build. Otto is no exception. I wish our presidents and representatives seemed as sincerely passionate.

Microsoft has a UMPC sister site to complement Intel’s. Speaking of which, umpc.com has moved to a new host and is much more responsive. Check it out if you stopped visiting it earlier because of its performance issues.

Though I am very enthusiastic about Origami, I posted a series of questions last night that I’d love answers to.

A foldable fabric keyboard/case will be available soon. Click the link if you haven’t seen this thing, yet. It’s pretty neat.

3 responses to “Origami Report: Thursday Evening, March 9th 2006”

  1. Steve Paine says :

    Is UMPC.com really intel?

    I get a strange feeling when i’m there that somethigns wrong.

    My previous posts and account were deleted (along with a whole load of others.) and there’s a feeling that intel are not present in the whole site.



  2. Steve Paine says :

    A bit more research reveals that its ‘sponsered’ by intel.

    I still have a strange feeling but its seems to be very active now.


  3. Tony says :

    There’s a more in-depth description of some pretty amazing fabric-keyboard innovations, strangely enough, at this man-purse site.

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