The impact of various GDI+ effects on battery life…

Today, I started porting one of my homebrew pda games to C#.  This particular game has always been difficult to play on a typical PDA.  The many touch points are hard to hit reliably on a small screen.  I think the 7″ screen of a UMPC/Origami device will be perfect.

Anyway, I’m starting to think about the game’s impact on battery life.  After several searches, I haven’t found anyone who has put together tests comparing various GDI+ effects and their impacts on battery life.  When I get closer to completing the port (probably another weekend or two), I’ll try to put together my own tests.  I’m guessing I’ll have two graphical modes for the game – one that’s beautiful and abuses the battery and one that is relatively simple and does its best to preserve battery life.

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