Version 2 of the X2VGA

X2VGA is releasing a new version of their HDTV to VGA transcoder. The first version only worked with the XBox, but the new device takes 2 standard component inputs and a VGA input letting you switch between all 3 inputs to decide what is shown on your VGA monitor. At $65, this thing is a huge bargain.

I’ve been using version 1 for a long time now to play XBox games with my VGA monitor – it works like a charm. I don’t have any immediate need for version 2, but I’m considering getting a second Comcast DVR for my desk and hooking it up to my monitor with this device. Now, if it only supported picture-in-picture….

2 responses to “Version 2 of the X2VGA”

  1. treach says :

    where can i find one of the x2vga 2 i really need to buy one

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