Maker Faire San Mateo

I just got back from the first day of the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. It was a blast! If you weren’t there, I suggest you go tomorrow for the second day. Some highlights:

  • Bruce Shapiro is showing his computer controlled stepper motor egg painters. Very cool. His ribbon dancer is also nice.
  • Microsoft has a UMPC experience lab on site. Prototypes of the TabletKiosk eo, the Samsung Q1, the ASUS and the Founder are all there, along with really friendly staff.
  • MAKE and MakingThings are announcing a USB interface device for homebrew projects. It will cost $150 and will be out in a couple months. It’ll be neat to see projects published in Make adopt that platform – project costs will decline! Prototypes are at the conference. I saw a poster for Don Overholt’s inexpensive USB interface, too, but I couldn’t find him. His is $50 and is available now.
  • Graffiti Research Labs is there. Build LED Throwies for free to toss on their bus or pay $1 a piece to take them home.
  • Other fun stuff: The Second Life booth, the Parallax Basic Stamp booth, the great presentations, the awesome people!!

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