Netflix for Comic Books

I would pay for a Netflix-like service for Comic Books.  I’m thinking, say, $20 a month to have 10 comics or 3 trade paperbacks out at a time.  To keep the pages in decent shape, I imagine the pages would have to be cut from the binding and laminated, then re-bound.  Alternatively, I can imagine paying 50 cents to 1 dollar per comic in some kind of read-online subscription service.

I assume that both of these services would need the backing of the comic companies.

One response to “Netflix for Comic Books”

  1. Shawn says :


    That seems like a lot of work just to protect the comics to be sent out. You also have to figure that any mail box that I have ever owned would require that the books be folded.

    I think digital is the way for comics to go. There are plenty of of digital services that might be adapted to the comic book market.

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