Dalek ID Tags in seasons 27 and 28 of Doctor Who (the ‘new’ series)

EDIT: The Cult of Skaro Daleks are named Sec, Thay, Caan and Jast on screen. In print, they are named Sec, Thay, Caan and Rabe. Sorry for the confusion. Relevant Wikipedia reference here.

I went through and documented the id tags of the various Daleks in the Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant episodes. Note that there were several shots in Parting of the Ways that seem to have been flipped (as in a mirror), so I’m not sure that these are the correct orientations. Also, note that the spellings of the names of the units in the Cult of Skaro in the Doomsday episode are guesses.

Update: I created some simple png icons loosely based on the Dalek ID tags.

Update: Better shot of the emperor’s id:

Update: ID Tag from Rosco, a home-built Dalek by Mike Bull (from the project dalek forum) :

Update: Glen F sent me corrected spellings for the Daleks from the Cult of Skaro: “The cult is made up of Dalek CAAN, Dalek RABE, Dalek SEC & Dalek THAY”. Thanks Glen!

8 responses to “Dalek ID Tags in seasons 27 and 28 of Doctor Who (the ‘new’ series)”

  1. Windrider says :

    That’s quite interesting how the tags for the Cult of Skaro daleks are arranged. Sec is the leader whereas Thay’s looks like he would be second in command with Kon being third and Jast being fourth. Jast almost sounds “younger” if that’s even possible for a Dalek.

    Nice listing though! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Robert says :

    how did jast turn to rabe?

    just asking??

  3. Adrian Esdaile says :

    Heh, your site returned the first link in a Googlor search for “cult of skaro name tags”. Well done!

    The ‘Cult of Skaro’ ID tags bear a striking resemblance to imagery from the Andrew Braybrook game ‘Paradroid’ from the C64 in around 1985.

    The game involved a ship full of robots gone wild – one of the robots (the 883 model – not a coincidence there, either!) looked exactly like a Dalek, and indeed it was “known to cause extraordinary fear in humanoid opponents”. To capture a robot, you had to play a mini-game where you attempted to overwhelm the logic circuits of the enemy CPU – the graphics in this minigame appear to have inspired the Cult of Skaro’s ID tags to some extent.

    Just a theory, but would be very cool if true…

  4. Adrian Esdaile says :

    Here’s that link to Paradroid, BTW… http://homepages.tesco.net/~parsonsp/html/paradroid.html

    The more I look at it the more I think that CoS IDs are inspired by Paradroid…

    883 – nasty ones, those.

  5. John Tokash says :

    Adrian, thanks for pointing out the Paradroid connection! I don’t know how I missed it- I love Paradroid!


  6. Conrad Slater says :

    I’m modelling a Dalek in 3d so this was very useful to me. Big thanks.

  7. Jim Sorenosn says :

    Great website! Any plans to update with the current episodes? I thought I\’d give a head start with the Supreme Dalek from Stolen Earth: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29897249@N00/2627623517/

  8. Anon says :

    It can be either Jast or Rabe, it doesn’t matter. By the way, what’s the supreme daleks ID tag?

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