Extreme Onslaught Released – Nintendo DS Homebrew Multi-Directional Shooter

I’ve been working on this game for months, but it hasn’t changed substantially in a week, so I think this is the time to release it and gather feedback.

Enjoy! http://www.extremeonslaught.com/

12 responses to “Extreme Onslaught Released – Nintendo DS Homebrew Multi-Directional Shooter”

  1. Jeff says :

    Nice game, definitely one of the better DS homebrew games I’ve played.

  2. Gordon says :

    Grats! You should post some screenshots from the emulator, or video of the game being played. The pics will speak for themselves.

  3. Matt Franklin says :

    Man, I really want to check this out, but it looks like Dualis sucks: I can’t resize the screen? It’s too tiny to see what’s happening.

    I need to order me some hardware. I have a DS– what do you recommend for flashing? I’ll order ASAP.

  4. John Tokash says :


    The best (currently shipping) homebrew solution for the DS Lite is the Supercard Lite. You can get that at http://www.divineo.com or http://www.winsunx.com. You’ll also need to get a PassCard 3 to tell your DS or DS Lite to use the GBA port for DS software. And you’ll need a microSD card for moving the code from the PC to the flash card.

    If you can wait a week or so, you should check out the DS-X. That is said to allow debugging over a built in USB port and you won’t need to buy a microSD card.

    With the DS-X, you’ll need to get a Passcard 3, still, AND you’ll need to put FlashMe firmware on your DS.

  5. Brandon says :

    Hey, great game really like the crazy grid effects.

    waht do you think you are going to try to add in the next release?

    i would say keep the ship and enemy sprites the same for awhile and add some sound effects and music… but great job so far one of my favorite homebrew games.

  6. Dan Forever says :

    Excellent game, I like it 🙂

  7. daninski says :

    are you still working on this?

  8. joe says :

    um hey i have a R4 and i put the .nds file of this on and it loads fine, and i can do all the controls except shoot. help?

  9. Zodiac says :

    i’m trying to play this game on a R4ds..

    but for some reason it either:

    A.controls perfectly but cant shoot, or

    B.keeps moving into one corner and shoots like mad

    anything i’m doing wrong?

  10. Eternalswordsman says :

    I have the same problem. I’m also using an R4; I can move around, but cannot shoot.

  11. free roms says :

    I wanna try this but I can’t seem to get it to work correctly either…

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