Triklits Video

I uploaded a low quality video taken with my cell phone. The first 3 minutes is a silent tour of the 30+ built in effects. At the 3 minute mark, you’ll see some of the effects and transitions I’m building into my script download app.

Update: I uploaded the app I wrote this weekend to download animations from a url to run on the lights.  Details here.

6 responses to “Triklits Video”

  1. pK says :


  2. pK says :

    Wow, what is the hardware used? microcontroller? AVR maybe?

    very interesting work. congrats!

  3. John Tokash says :

    pK, take a look at the newer video (it has some information):

    The Triklits website has a ton of technical info, including the schematic for the control box.

  4. Janelle says :

    You know, I wonder if these are similar to the technology used in U2’s “beaded curtains” from the Vertigo tour. You should check those out, they are like huge curtains of balls with LED’s in them, used to make words and pictures. They may be similar…

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