Selling my eo UMPC on ebay…

Unfortunately, the last time I put it up for auction, the winner couldn’t pay. So the auction is up again!

eo UMPC 7110


2 responses to “Selling my eo UMPC on ebay…”

  1. Steve Paine says :

    Hi John.

    I lost your blog from my news reader. (Did you change your RSS feed?) and only found it again when you blogged this.

    Why are (were) you selling it then?



  2. John Tokash says :

    Hi Steve,

    I haven’t changed my feed recently. I’ll dig around and see if there’s a bug somewhere.

    I sold the eo because I’m not really using it. There are many reasons for that – reasons that I’ll have to think carefully about before buying another UMPC. I may want something more portable with an embedded keyboard like the Sony UX50. But much cheaper.

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