version .6 is up!

After a very late night of coding, version .6 is up! New since Tuesday: New buttons: Mark All Read for the current feed and View unread posts only. Also, lots of new images and colors to freshen the look. The sidebar can now be collapsed to give you more reading room for your feeds. You can see a list of your starred and shared items. For more, see the list below.

So, get on with it! Check out!

Dev on this project is going well. The next big change will fix the bug that requires you to occasionally refresh your browser to re-enable certain buttons.

Changes in Release .6 – 1/3/07

  • Mark Feed as Read button. NOTE: The Google Reader API and Google Reader currently do not allow an item to be made unread after you’ve blasted the feed with Mark All As Read.
  • Fixed: Read, Starred, Shared now work in reverse to mark an item as unread, unshared, not starred.
  • “Show Unread Posts Only” button.
  • Added a Favicon. It’s an orange flag from this set of free icons:
  • Added placeholder icons to feed item buttons (star,share,read/unread) from

Changes in Release .5 – 1/3/07

  • Sidebar and Content Pane are now connected by a collapse-divider. Click it to hide the sidebar.
  • Moved color and font information out of main css file and into a ‘theme’ css file.
  • Fixed: Margins aren’t screwy anymore.

Changes in Release .4 – 1/3/07

  • Cleaned up the demo account’s subscriptions.
  • User’s email address is now displayed in the header.
  • Added starred and shared links to the feed list so you can browse the items you’ve tagged that way.
  • Feed category titles are now highlighted to make them distinct from feed titles.
  • Stale feeds are no longer hidden by default.
  • Feed titles in the feed list are now more organized. Unread count comes first and feed titles no longer wrap.

Changes in Release .3 – 1/2/07

  • Thanks to Jonathan Greene, Gregory Auld, keesj (in #maemo on freenode) and fietske (on Google Groups) for feedback/suggestions.
  • Fixed: Mark read/starred/shared buttons no longer stack up.
  • Fixed: Feed List no longer loses items.
  • Fixed: Nokia 770 users can drag scroll the feed contents.
  • Feeds now default to hidden if they are stale (no unread items).
  • New Layout. Handles browser resize (including 770’s full screen mode) wonderfully.
  • Fixed: Buttons are bigger, in general, for touch screen use.
  • Font has changed to Bitstream Vera Sans where supported. Degrades to Arial if not supported.
  • Fixed: When an item is marked read, the unread count for the feed is decremented.
  • Fixed: Feed categories are now alphabetical.
  • Fixed: Action words now, for feed item buttons (star,share,read).
  • Lots of divs have been set up with classes and ids in preparation for beautification.
  • Release Notes and Known Issues appear when the application is launched.

Changes in Release .2 – 12/27/06

  • Fixed: Items now link back to their original articles.
  • Feed List and Feed Contents are in their own independantly scrolling areas.
  • Fixed: Feed Contents area resets to the top when a new feed is opened.
  • Demo account set up. Use / x to login.
  • Fixed: Page Reload/Refresh now works as expected.
  • Mark Read, Share, Add Star buttons added for each item.
  • Red/Grey dots in the header show active AJAX connections.


  • Next/Prev Page buttons.
  • Bug: Deal with auth and command token timeouts. — if this moves into the cookies, have all feed downloads trigger a logout if the version cookie isn’t set (start setting that at login) so that users don’t get a bad experience.
  • Next/Prev Item buttons.
  • Setup a data version checker and log out ReaderMini users if need be.
  • Integrate Google Reader Trends.
  • set “flag-for-later” “flag-for-followup” label with button. (greghaspants)
  • image loading toggle (will display:none block loading?) (greghaspants)
  • put unread count in titlebar (greghaspants)
  • put current feed in titlebar
  • Mark All as Read button next to each feed in the feed list. inspiration
  • Add a FAQ Page, including info about the API (mention Niall) also: authentication, goals, contact, other apps,.
  • Move from authForInstalledApps mechanism to authForWebApps as soon as it is availalbe for Google Reader.
  • Subscribe to feed button / dialog.
  • Bug: AJAX requests don’t start the internet connection on the 770. Pop a dialog or put a request in an iframe.
  • Bug: Image handling in Opera on the 770 might leak. After browsing several feeds with lots of images, images stop showing up. Workaround: refresh the browser. Solution: Find a way to clean up the images.
  • Override the cursor keys for next/prev hotkeys?
  • River view for categories.
  • UI is not clean enough.
  • Feed List should be drag-scrollable on the 770.
  • Browser compatability warnings. Pop a dialog if AJAX fails.
  • Incorporate some of the great ‘reading feeds on a touchscreen’ discussion points at this post (where’d that link go?).
  • HTTPS login.
  • “Blog This” button.
  • “ This” button.
  • Tag functionality.
  • Degraded mode for browsers that can’t handle dojo and ajax.
  • Gregarius backend – no reason that ReaderMini shouldn’t integrate with other Aggregator software.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for non touch screen browsers (Sony Mylo)
  • Outlook preview pane theme.
  • Theme support.
  • Get rid of “author unknown” text in some feeds.
  • Optimize the updating of feed unread counters.
  • Set the feed list to have overflow horizontally hidden rather than wrapping. Do a mouseover for the number of unread.
  • Backend: use /reader/api/0/token?client=XXXX instead of /reader/view to get command token.
  • Backend: change any lingering client=scroll params to client=readermini+version.
  • Hide categories which have only stale feeds?? (greghaspants)
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