Nokia N800 in the flesh!!! An update to the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Stefan Constantinescu found a flickr album of N800 photos. NICE.

Stefan’s Blog, with the photos arranged nicely.

The original flickr photo set.

ThoughtFix’s Take

Details from the back of the box:

– VGA (640×480) webcam

– Integrated Stand

– 4.13 inch screen (same as the 770)

– Stereo Speakers (770 has mono)

– Microphone has moved to the top.

– Audio jack and mini usb port have moved to the right side. (FANTASTIC!)

– Requires mobile phone (with bt) for cell connection.

– Wifi and BT

– It looks to me based on the flickr photos that the n800 comes with a sleeve. I’m not so sure that’s an improvement over the sliding shell. I like the shell because it attaches to your 770 even when you are using the device. Nothing to lose!

Since the screen sizes are the same, I grabbed a picture of the n800 and the 770 and scaled them until the screen sizes matched. That resulted in the following comparisons that should show the size differences. Basically, longer but not as tall. Too bad we can’t see exactly how thick the new one is, though some of the shots make it look basically as thick as the 770.

The n800 photo is sourced from the flickr set mentioned above. The 770 photo is from flickr, too.

If you haven’t been reading ThoughtFix’s regular updates on the new model, here are some links:

Two Mini SD Slots, Retractable Camera, Built iIn Stand – ThoughtFix relaying info found on ITT forums.

Most likely no cell or GPS. – ThoughtFix on the FCC docs.

Well, here are my wishes for the new Tablet:

– A version of the sliding cover that has a chicklet keyboard built in.

– A turbo button that makes the CPU care more about speed than battery life – would be useful occasionally.

– A more powerful processor in general.

– Same size and shape. Looks like I mostly got that wish. Hopefully, it won’t be thicker!

– Same price (or cheaper)

– Browser Compatibility with Google Video, YouTube.

– Browser Compatibility with Google Reader. Although is pretty damn close!

– Tilt Sensors (I’ve been a big fan of tilt tech since WarioWare Twisted!)

Update: Engadget’s comment area for this topic is interesting. The commenters are really hitting on the important question: Have the RAM and CPU increased? I hope so. If not, I’m not going to be able to justify buying the new version!

9 responses to “Nokia N800 in the flesh!!! An update to the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet”

  1. Derek Coleman says :

    You know, a tilt sensor algorithm could be feasible using the camera. And considering the resolution of the camera, CPU and RAM just might have gotten a boost. You can see my post about it here:

  2. Jeff B says :

    The main reason I don’t use my 770 so much at the moment is not because its missing a camera or doesn’t have stereo speakers, but because the browser sucks. In 2007 you just can’t use a browser that only supports Flash 6 (no YouTube, etc.) and doesn’t offer tabbed browsing.

    Lets hope to God they didn’t get too caught up in the hardware and improved the browser (or reliably ported FF)

    2 x 2 GB SD cards will be nice (always lost the little adapter thing for the RSMMC and SD’s cheaper and more standard anyway)

  3. Thomas Richter says :

    An internet tablet with a browser that sucks

    and cannot be (or is not) updated,

    has weak support for Javascript/AJAX,

    an outdated version of flash,

    and a slow PDF reader.

    How reasonable does that sound?


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