The eo v7110 UMPC vs the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Having owned both the eo v7110 UMPC from TabletKiosk and the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, I went back to ThoughtFix’s archive and read his comparisons of the two devices. I found myself agreeing with a lot of his individual points. However, as I noted in a previous post, I vastly prefer the Nokia 770 for the tasks I usually use devices smaller than a laptop for.

ThoughtFix: EO vs 770 Round 1

ThoughtFix: EO vs 770 Round 2

Some points I would add to the comparison:

– Bootup time: 770 is the winner.

– Return from ‘standby’: 770 is the winner.

– Resuming a Bluetooth connection: 770 is the winner.

– Storage Space: The eo wins.

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