Hands on with the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (next in the Nokia 770 series)

“Disconnect” on IRC (#maemo on freenode) bought a Nokia N800 this morning. Here are excerpts from his findings so far:

[12:24] Did anyone pick up an n800 yet?

[12:25] Disconnect is playing with it

[12:25] jtokash: i did, we’re trying to get an xterm running

[12:25] does it actually have dual mem slots?

[12:26] yes

[12:27] one in battery comp (mmc/sd) and one outside behind stand (same)

[12:27] 192M usable int storage

[12:31] omfg youtube works

[12:31] * Disconnect was not expecting that

[12:36] and youtube is way low framerate

[12:36] audio has some glitches

[12:42] Disconnect: try to open /dev/dsptask in a browser, does it show any files there?

[12:42] Disconnect: so we can do RAID1 over sd

[12:43] lol

[12:44] “some random v6 processor rev 2 (v61)”

[12:45] 320bogo

[12:45] no clock info in cpuinfo

[12:45] What’s the bogos on the 770?

[12:45] armv6 usually means vfp included

[12:46] and no more alignment problems

[12:46] and SIMD for ssvb 🙂

[12:46] yah vfp

[12:46] 125.76bogo on my 770 atm.

[12:46] So, potentially twice as fast.

[12:47] Disconnect: so, how did you get one?

[12:47] compusa

[12:47] Ah 🙂

[12:47] Disconnect: how much did it cost, btw?

[12:47] I guess you might be the first customer

[12:47] $400

[12:47] Hmm.

[12:47] same as reported

[12:48] gonna try to get kb working

[12:50] bt kb works out of the box

[12:50] 128M ram still

[12:50] Disconnect: there’s a “Bluetooth” applet in Control Panel, I believe?

[12:51] yah

[12:51] and a “hardware keyboard” one

[12:51] Cool

[12:51] * Disconnect is gonna try R&D mode

[12:51] Disconnect: 770 has 64mb

[12:51] ah

[12:52] does the included headset have a microphone on it?

[12:52] ok so 128 now

[12:52] and yah i think so. checking.

[12:52] looks like it

[12:52] nice

[12:52] and a clicker

[12:53] anyone want to try gchat audio/video?

6 responses to “Hands on with the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (next in the Nokia 770 series)”

  1. Steve Stellmacher says :

    My N800 has left me completely pissed off. Not sure if it’s me, or the unit I just purchased today.

    It will connect to my home wireless network, but is totally incapable of DNS resolution – I mean none.

    it will hit various servers on my internal home network, when addressed by specific IP, but it will not resolve – EVER – http://www.google.com or http://www..cnn.com; I have checked to see if it’s getting IP an DNS info – YEP; Even went static – no joy.

    BTW – my 6 year old POCKET PC runs like a champ through the same wireless AP. If this is embedded Linux at its best – this sucks.


  2. John Tokash says :

    Have you rebooted your router?

  3. Steve Stellmacher says :

    Yep: spent the day working this issue further. I’m returning the device tomorrow in the am. router reboot was done WAY back in the troubleshooting.

    I have, in various sequences:

    1. Removed all security WEP, WPA etc from my wireless AP/router; associated N800 with said wireless network, and still no joy to big internet

    2. Replaced the router with LINKYS DSL gateway router, and through both DHCP and static IP’ing of the N800, I get no internet connectivity.

    2A: Yes, in either of the above, when DHCP was used, it requested, was issued and used an internal IP from the gateway router itself – and reflected all accurate IP, Gateway and DNS information.

    2B: At any time, I was able to successfully ping the N800 across the wired/wireless network from non-wireless clients.

    2C: I was able to ping from wireless client PC to N800 via wireless AP; at no time was the N800 sucessful in reaching the INTERNET after these small successes internal

    2D: I was able to stream audio from SLIM Server on the internal network. NO BIG INTERNET was returned.

    3. Direct connect DLINK 614+ wireless router to internet connection. Either through DHCP or Static IPing of N800 — NO INTERNET.

    4. Ironically, took a short trip back COMP USA – here’s the laugh track bit: worked like a champ inside COMP USA!!!!

    5- I’m thinking that it has something to do with DNS requests and RoadRunner services – since that is the only thing that is different between COMPUSA and my home. Regrettably – I’m defeated. If I could’ve only gotten an Xterm installed on the thing to understand more of the error! The N800, presumably so easy to network with, does NOT provide solid feedback to the user when things do go wrong. “network error” – is ambiguous and does not help any troubleshooting efforts.

    6. My pride is wounded to know the compusa kid got it working in under 120 seconds, after I spent 3 hours trying to figure it out last night.

    My bottom line: LINKSYS or ROADRUNNER does not like Nokia N800

  4. Steve Stellmacher says :

    Bottom line to this tragedy:

    I could only surf my local network assets; I was never able to see how well the N800 does “out on this highway”


    1. Flash upgraded to via windows updater

    2. Re-flashed later in the session with Linux flasher 3.0 and most current image from Maemo

    3. My wireless infrastructure at home consistes of a DLINK DWL-2100AP and and a DLINK WBR2310+ operating on channels 1 and 11 respectively to provide whole home coverage; These connect (LAN side) through a 16 port workgroup switch to a LINKSYS RT31P2 DSL/Gateway router (with VOIP ports). The RT31P2 has the only WAN/Internet connection to RoadRunner.

    4. My “control” piece of gear (other than the N800) was a COMPAQ Ipaq, running windows CE 2002; with expansion sled and a netgear 802.11B card.

  5. Gene Venable says :

    Fwiw, I am a Roadrunner customer and have a Linksys wireless router. I have never had any problem connecting anywhere with my N800, including CNN and Google, which I access daily and have since I got this in January.

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