My Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

I’lll update this post throughout the day as I learn more about my new n800. Bought it at CompUSA. Check out here and here for earlier coverage.

Chippy was kind enough to put up my hurried photographs of the n800 and the 770 here. I’m hoping to take a better set of photos in the next hour or two. Stand by!

Meanwhile, ThoughtFix, OrigamiPortal and Carrypad all have more information on the stats of the n800. That information was gathered primarily from “Disconnected” on freenode IRC (channel #maemo).

Needless to say, this is an exciting day and a real PRE-CES surprise.

Update: I just posted TONS of photos. Thanks go to Chippy for lots of camera tips!

15 responses to “My Nokia N800 Internet Tablet”

  1. Dan Sanders says :

    Is one of the Mini-SD slots accessible in such a way that you could put a SDG-811 in it? (

    As importantly, what type of SD controller is it? It is not much use for this kind of purpose if it does not support SDIO.

  2. tony says :

    Oh, I’m salivating and can’t wait for your review. I’ve been pining for the updated 770 and here it is.

    Thanks for the pictures and continued posts. When the news broke out I googled for N800 and had a hit to the nokia support page listing N800 but the cache didn’t reveal anything. I had to view the html source to confirm indeed N800 had official Nokia notice. Oorah!

  3. John Tokash says :


    Now that I have it, I see that it’s 2 SD slots, not miniSD.

    I don’t see any information that would tell me if it’s SDIO or not. I’ll keep my eye out for that info.

  4. Stefan Constantinescu says :


    One question: does youtube work?

  5. Dan Sanders says :

    Reports are the youtube does work, but at an unacceptable FPS.

  6. John Tokash says :

    Youtube runs at about 1 or 2 fps, but the audio is great. So, if you don’t care about seeing the movie….

  7. Rodrigo Urubatan says :

    looks very cool 😀

    but I have not understood yet this kind of device 😦

    it is a kind of portable PC?

  8. Tehe Real Bubba says :

    Clock? Can this thing act as a real PDA and deliver an alarm when “off”?

  9. Jay says :

    Where are the SD slots? Are they on the bottom, like the one on the N770? And do they have little covers or are they open?

    (If the thing supports the SD form factor — which would be great! — I wonder why they shipped it with a MiniSD card and an adaptor instead of a full-size SD card.)

  10. John Tokash says :

    Jay, one SD slot is on the bottom of the unit. It is normally hidden from view by the stand. The second is in the battery compartment.

    The external slot has a cover. The other is covered by the battery compartment and a small sliding piece of metal.

    Both are full size SD. I think it came with a mini-SD to enhance compatibility with phones and other devices.

  11. Rob Duke says :

    I noticed you have a ton of pictures of the unit but none with it powered on. I would be very interested in seeing the n800 powered up with some menus, video, internet pages, anything. Thanks very much for all the info and keep up the great work!

  12. mark vincent says :

    can you hook up this device (nokia n800) to any monitor?

  13. JR says :

    SDIO Capable?

    I note the talk here on the question of SDIO capability. I note also the N800 is TI OMAP 2420 based. A quick search resolves that this processor/DSP combo IS SDIO capable. The question is is it connected appropriately. I don’t suppose anyone would like to post pictures of the internals

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