Nokia N800 Video – The first of many

This video addresses some questions brought up via email and irc. In this video, you’ll see every angle of the N800 Internet Tablet. You’ll also watch it boot, try to play a YouTube video and visit the control panel. At the bottom of this post I linked to the original 50MB WMV, also.

Original Video

27 responses to “Nokia N800 Video – The first of many”

  1. MikeL says :

    Great John, keep up the excellent work feeding information on the Nokia N800

  2. robert says :

    can you run the older aplacations and if so how is maemo mapper?

  3. Steve Paine says :


    Do you know if canola works on it yet?


  4. dailer says :

    Nice video. But you should use the macro mode of your camera for recording the next video.

  5. Viipottaja says :

    Ooh, I SO have to get it! The theme looks very cool with its Electric Blue Peggy Sue feel to it! 😀

    Is the hump in the back mainly intended to impruve the ergonomics of holding it, or is it due to the webcam cylinder mostly? I gather mostly the latter.

  6. esaias says :

    Voight-Kampff anyone? x)

  7. img eL says :

    whats the name of the battery? does it hold more power?

  8. John Tokash says :

    Haven’t gotten canola or maemo-mapper to install, yet. Could be user error. I’ll try to get help from someone on IRC soon.

    The hump in the back does seem to be the camera.

    The battery is the same as the Nokia 770. So is the charger.

  9. Charles says :

    Very nice video demo of the N800! It’s much appreciated seeing it in action.

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting the launch of the 770’s successor, and it looks like its been worth the wait. Thanks.

  10. Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri says :


    You won’t get Canola to run, it’s player changed, we need to upgrade it. But expect even nicer experience, since now we have VFP (Vector Float Point) support, twice as fast CPU and lots of RAM!

    We should release our next beta for 770 soon, then to N800.

  11. ben says :

    Is that a rectangle of dead pixels in the bottom left hand corner? It looked black even during the boot sequence.

  12. John Tokash says :

    The dark square is a plastic tab used to pull off the screen protector that is on the unit when you open the box. I haven’t taken off the protector yet.

  13. ben says :

    Thanks John, phew!

    Do you have any info on using the camera as a webcam/video conference device?

  14. tom61 says :

    Definately check how runs on this! Is there a setting to enable swap on SD card? If so, you might want to turn it on for playing Pandora, as it is a bit intensive.

  15. John Tokash says :

    I haven’t done any video conferencing with it, yet.

  16. 1337 says :

    i like it and will buy it xD I mean its fine, got much RAM, has good sounds, quite fast wifi connection and looks like it works very well with youtube….

    I NEED ONE !!! ^^

  17. Sirocco says :

    Sure, this is cute, but I can’t help but think that as soon as I start using this, I’ll start to complain that it can’t do this or that, and that it would make more sense just to get one of those “ultra mobile” laptops that cost a few hundred more bucks and that can do…EVERYTHING!

  18. Sirocco says :

    to 1337: the point of the video at the tokash blog was that the Nokia internet table N800 does NOT work well with youtube – notice how choppy the video looks.

  19. John Tokash says :

    Sirocco, let’s say that the point of that segment of the video was to show that YouTube doesn’t work well. The rest of the video is mean to show how slick the device is.

  20. Justin says :

    YouTube (flash video in general) sucks on most lower powered devices. I just don’t think the plugin is optimized at all. I’ve seen computers that can watch fullscreen xvid videos, yet YouTube performs worse than on the n800 above.

    I’d be very interested in seeing how other media applications run.

  21. A. Feskens says :


    great to find info on the N800 incuding some movie showing the device at work.

    I am still a bit in doubt if I should get one. yesterday I bought a 770 on Ebay, it seems that a lot of people are trying to sell their 770 and buy a N800. So I got a almost new one for half of the price including some extra’s.

    Hopefully it will live up to my expectation if not, I probably lose it to my girlfriend who is very keen on this type of computer equipment.

    In the meantime I will wait and see how the N800 develops in terms of stability and bugs. So I can’t wait to read al the new experiances of the N800 owners.

  22. Mike says :

    Yeah nice video. I heard that they are working on improving the video playback in the next short-term update.

    I’ve been looking at getting one of these as well but i’m not sure if i shouldnt just go with a 770 for now.

    Though if they can get the video functionality working when they release Skype later on this year then I might be interested.

    oh my misses will be pleased… another gadget in the house. 🙂


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