An Internet Tablet OS 2007 Update is available for the Nokia N800

Updating my n800 as I write this!

Release Notes (thanks to gpd and Disconnect on #maemo for the information)

Nokia Internet Call Invitation (Beta)

Nokia Internet Call Invitation (Beta) is a new feature for easy internet calling between Nokia N800 and PC users; also calls between two N800s are supported. The feature introduces a simple wizard through which N800 users can smoothly invite their friends to free-of-charge internet video or voice calls by chat or email.

Bluetooth connection on/off enabler

This Bluetooth connection on/off enabler makes it possible to switch Bluetooth connection off when it’s not needed. If a user has a compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone then after pairing the phone the Bluetooth connection is set automatically on but user can easily change the status when needed. User can maximize battery life by switching the Bluetooth connection off.

Improvements in finger usage

Improvements in dialog selection when using the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet with fingers and not the stylus pen.

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