Nokia N800 Officially Announced

ThoughtFix linked to the official specs page this morning. Engadget has coverage, too.

The N800 got a lot of coverage this weekend because of the early release. Personally, I think Nokia should be thanking CompUSA for launching on Saturday. If they had launched today as planned, I don’t think they would have gotten as much press. There are too many announcements going on with CES underway.

Here’s the N800 hands on video in case you missed it!

One response to “Nokia N800 Officially Announced”

  1. Erik Robson says :

    I’ve been using a Zaurus 6000 for the last few years. I love the hell out of the hardware-based keyboard, and I think that’s the only thing I’d miss moving to the N800. How’s typing with your thumbs on the touchscreen? (I got fast enough at thumb-typing that I want to capitalize on this valuable skill.)

    Can you view movies at a reasonable framerate?

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