Questions about the Nokia n800 Internet Tablet

Now that we have a ton of information about the device and some of us have had the opportunity to use one this weekend, the Internet Tablet irc community has moved on to a new set of questions:

  • 1. What portions of Internet Tablet OS 2007 (the os running on the n800) will make it back to the old 770? What does the future hold for the 770? Will herring/sardine (the next version of the Internet Tablet OS) appear on both the 770 and the n800?
  • 2. What is the CPU model on the 800? ANSWER: Jarek points to the newly updated wiki for this info. “The processor is a 330-MHz, ARM11-based Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP 2420.”
  • 3. Can the USB port power peripherals?
  • 4. Are the SD ports SDIO compatible?
  • 5. Are the SD ports HDSD compatible?

Do you have other questions for the folks at Nokia?

UPDATE: Some great answers in the comments section.

Also, Dave, in the comments, points us to updated tech specs on Nokia’s site.

7 responses to “Questions about the Nokia n800 Internet Tablet”

  1. tony says :

    What is the estimated Battery life? – given that the battery is the same but the processor has increased cycles

    Will the webcam take still pics or is there a still frame capture on the video conference app?

    Browser: Opera, Nokia or Minimo?

    thank you. b-day is soon.

  2. Imrahil says :

    ad. 2. 330-MHz, ARM11-based Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP 2420 –


  3. Dave says :

    Nokia official tech specs are here.

    Nothing on CPU, but gives battery life estimates, bluetooth profiles supported, and which video / audio codecs it supports.

  4. John Tokash says :

    Tony, the browser is opera. Version details for it and flash are in my blog, a few entries back.

  5. ianah0 says :

    USB host mode supported?

  6. eric says :

    John, I’ve been playing Gamoku ( online Flash games on my 770. Can you try this website on the N800 and tell me if the games are playable. Many thanks.

  7. JrezIN says :

    No info about charging the N800 with just the standard USB cable… =[

    and sadly it doesn’t support Ogg Vobis too… =|

    But if it does support USB charging will really think about buying one!

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