ThoughtFix Interviews Ari Jaaksi of Nokia

Thanks to ThoughtFix, we have more great information about the N800.

Some highlights for me:

  • The primary use case is the Internet.
  • This (and the 770) is the first device built from the ground up for the Internet experience.
  • Leaving out the keyboard makes the device smaller, more durable and cheaper. Makes sense, but I’d like to see a keyboard that optionally attaches as a slide-out device.
  • Adding proprietary software (Skype, Rhapsody) is not a departure from open source. The 770 and the n800 were only possible because of Open Source and they are maintaining a commitment to open source.
  • Development and support for the 770 will not end. I actually think this is true, but not necessarily because of Nokia. Developers are not going to stop supporting the 770, because they’ll most likely be keeping them. Ari does make the point, too, that the 770 currently beats the pants off the n800 for in car navigation.

And some lowlights:

  • No ETA set for getting Youtube to run well on the N800. Could a more n800 optimized version of Flash solve the problem? This is a HUGE oversight.
  • I was hoping to hear about upcoming accessories for the N800. Navigation kit?!

Also, Ari repeated that the SD slots can handle 2GB cards. As mentioned previously, at least one user on ITT forums says 4GB cards work.

One response to “ThoughtFix Interviews Ari Jaaksi of Nokia”

  1. Brandon says :

    Unfortunately the issue of choppy YouTube videos is almost a deal breaker for me. I would love the N800 has sort of a “living room computer”, to browse forums while on the couch and pass around the device to show off a good YouTube clip. I don’t think I’ll take the dive ’till they get this sorted out.

    By the way, great blog, very informative 🙂

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