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I’d like to see a list of blogs that write about the Nokia 770 and n800 (even those that don’t write about the exclusively). If you know of a blog that falls into that category, leave a note in the comments section. I’ll update this post every few days with the complete list.

6 responses to “Nokia Internet Tablet Blogs”

  1. Dave says :

    I’ve started blogging about living with the n800 now that mine has arrived. Will be posting an unboxing video tonight.


  2. Anders Rune Jensen says :

    Here is the part of my blog talking about my nokia 770:

  3. Roguelazer says :

    From the “Nokia 770” tag in my Google Reader: (hey, that’s you)

    I’m sure you can extrapolate the main sites from those.

  4. Dave says :

    Many apologies… I forgot to put the link to my N800 specific post category archive in my previous comment.

    So that people don’t have to hunt for them, all my N800 related posts can be found at


  5. Tuomas says :

    I’ll write a word or two every once in a while.

  6. MikeL says :

    Hi John

    I have a Nokia 770 and my main interests are in AV media consumption from portable and fixed devices using the latest technologies and techniques. To that end my blog illustrates and demonstrates uses for the Nokia 770.

    I have a few Media Streamer and Canola usage reviews and discuss the use of UPnP and media serving from the PC and/or Internet. (With the ideal of true personal media portability anytime anywhere!)

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